The Return of Screaming Yellow Zonkers

The Return of Screaming Yellow Zonkers

Screaming Yellow Zonkers were very popular with both of my sisters when I was growing up. I would say they were popular with me then, but when you have two older sisters who like a certain food. Odds are, you are NEVER going to get any. The occasional tastes I managed to finagle though, made me a fan and when I could pick it up outside the home, I would. Sadly it was rare in my town’s candy store and supermarket (the ones I could walk to).

I really got to love the stuff about a decade ago, when I found that the store next to this movie theater I liked, sold the Zonkers. I love going to the movies, so every time I went, I would pick up a box to enjoy with the film. This became a habit for me and I would often pick up an extra box on the way out to keep in reserve just in case I went to a different theater.

Then something horrible happened. In 2007 they discontinued Screaming Yellow Zonkers.

I looked high and low for reserve boxes, but it seemed to go away in a flash. I thought, Another great snack food from the past…gone. I was sure, like so many other discontinued treats I enjoyed, that I would never see them again. I was wrong.

Starting on May 15th in Walgreens Stores nationwide, you will be able to pick up Screaming Yellow Zonkers in 4 special edition boxes for a buck a piece (a real bargain). This re-release could be for a limited time only, so if you are a fan of Zonkers’ delicious buttery sweetness, do not hesitate. Go out and pick some up for yourself or a friend who has not yet experienced the wonders of the black box. They are perfect for the movies, the ballpark or a romantic popcorn based dinner. Go get zonked today!

I did!

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  1. I vaguely remember zonkers. Weren’t they essentially caramel corn, but with butter flavor instead of caramel?

  2. Sort of like Crunch and Munch??

  3. Right on both accounts. Popcorn treat, with big thick pieces of popcorn with a sweet butter glaze. Almost kettle corn-like but more candied I guess (just not as candied as say fiddle faddle or cracker jacks.) and of course no nuts.

  4. Wow, I thought they were gone long before 2007. I would have grabbed a few cases had I know that. In the 80’s, they would put a little plastic alien in each box. Time to start planning a trip to Walgreens. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Never heard of them.

  6. @Matt – if you like candy coated popcorn give them a try. They are easy to find (if you have a Wallgreens) and are pretty cheap at a buck a box.

  7. The last time I had Zonkers was around 2003, when Dollar Tree stocked them. I was mostly a fan because, although I like peanuts, I just didn’t like them mixed in with my caramel or toffee corn. Zonkers provided me that respite.

    I think I’m going to try to do my best to clean out the Walgreens near my house. I’m gonna have to put in extra time on my bike rides and kickboxing training, but it will be well worth it.

  8. May 26, 2012 pm
    Found ’em on the shelf of the “99 ct only stores” located at EB 215 and S Eastern, Henderson, NV
    The (young) girl at the register asked me what they were and if they were any good.
    I told her I hadn’t seen any in years, liked them when I was a kid and whenever I did see them I always grabbed a box. Never realized till reading here that they had been gone for a while (5 years).
    Evidently the license was picked up by ConAgra Foods in Omaha, NE.
    They’re still pretty good.

  9. They were the rage when I started College in San Jose. A couple of my buddies broke them down flat and used them for wallpaper in their House room…Very Cool!!! :)

  10. I just found them TODAY at a Walgreens! I searched high and low for them when I got married 3 years ago (to a Zonker), but couldn’t find any reserves! I bought a couple cases at my local Walgreens, but I can only find the #3 box… haven’t been able to locate the other 3 limited edition boxes. Any tips on where I might be able to find more?

  11. I know this was posted on the may 8th 2012, but I never saw them come out I go to wallgeens all the time… I’ve been looking for Zonkers for a really long time does anyone no how to get a hold of them… Oh yeah! Why were they discontinued?

  12. I remember them well, and they are far better than Cracker Jacks. Hurrah!

  13. I am a Screaming Yellow Zonkers addict to this day! They were absollutely the BEST popcorn treat ever! I can’t wait to get my hands on them again and I really wish I could stock up enough for several years!

  14. I just grabbed a box YESTERDAY! I rarely go to Walgreens, but I ran over there last night because it was the closest and while I was walking by I saw the box and almost screamed!! I grabbed a box and am enjoying the buttery sweetness right now. Tomorrow, I’m cleaning out their shelf…it’s been 15 years (at LEAST) since I’ve seen them!

  15. Screaming Yellow Zonkers has to be, no doubt what so ever the best pop corn snack every made on the face of the earth. I remember when they first came out on the market, and I screamed bloody murder when they quit making them. To my surprise I found them at Walgreens in San Francisco, Ca. and I proceeded to buy as many boxes as there was available. Now I am down to my last box, and Walgreens doesn’t have anymore. ConAgra get off your asses and put these munching beauties back on store shelves before there is a revolution. I rest my case.

  16. They were advertised in the Walgreens flyer this week as 5/$5, so off to the store I went… This is good to know that I should not search other stores. Our Walgreens did not have them on the shelves yet, and we didn’t notice a ‘spot’ either — the employee went to check the back and she found them!! We cleaned them out … the whole family loves them and there is 5 of us kids, now we are grown with children of our own, I don’t think our Walgreens will be able to keep up with us, time for a road trip.

  17. searched the local Walgreens when the add came out but they didn’t have any. I loved these and was excited to see them come back but crushed to not be able to get any. I hope thye will have them back soon. They are GREAT!

  18. So excited to find these today at Walgreens!! My store charged $1.29 though…still worth it! I’d been writing letters to the company asking them to bring back SYZ because they are peanut-free — they just kept sending me coupons for poppycock :( Glad they finally listened!!

  19. I hope you’re not toying with us! I’ve missed Screaming Yellow Zonkers so much! They were my fav in high school. Crunch n Munch and Fiddle Faddle don’t even come close. Then I was stoked to find them at Dollar Tree years ago. I’ve been googling them for a while now, hoping that one day they’d come back! I SO can’t wait to hit up Walgreens after work! I don’t care how much they cost! WHOOOOOO!!

  20. Yes!
    Everyone PLEASE go out and buy up all the Zonkers. That way, during this test run, Con Agra will see that there is a demand for them and continue making the product. If I have to go through withdrawal like I did in 2007, I don’t think I’ll make it. Lol

  21. They are not like caramel corn, not like cracker jack, not like crunch and munch. It is not caramel, it is a sugar based glaze with butter taste (real butter by the way). Saying they are like either of the above is like saying a corvette is like a toyota… after all, they are both cars. It doesn’t taste anything like the others either. Caramel is burnt butter with brown sugar. Crunch and Munch is candy corn (glaze with sugar and other flavors). Both cracker jack and crunch and munch have nuts. This is butter, sugar, and no nuts. They are great and are the best of all the popcorn based snacks!!!

  22. I didn’t know they stopped making them, I just saw them and bought a ton. Now that I know, I am going to buy a ton more. Also, after I found out they were discontinued, I read the box and saw it… “ConAgra”… well,… duh… there’s the reason right there… I didn’t know who made them before… but I knew it wasn’t Conagra… obviously they were the reason for discontinuation.

  23. Found them today! WOOHOO! My taste buds are in for a nostalgic evening of pure popcorn joy.


  24. I always enjoyed the “absurd copy” on the boxes. I even still remember this one word for word from the early 1970’s…
    Now Zonkers offers you the chance to win a continent of your choice! And all you have to do is identify this mystery voice…”Hello, what is my name?”
    Winners will be judged strictly on originality and correctness of the answer. No entries will be accepted after August 31, 1947.


  25. I haven seen this stuff since i was a child! my mom found them at walgreens ans i went back and bought the last 7 boxes. that was yesterday. i’m going to the other walgreens today and buy what they have as well!

  26. OMG – I’m eating them right noooooooooooooooow (and remembering childhood).

  27. Oh my goodness! I am so excited. I used to eat these in the 80’s with my step mom. We would stay up late at night and watch Knott’s Landing and eat these. I hope that they are here for good. I just bought 5 boxes from Walgreens.

  28. i agree w/ever1 and am glad 2 c i’m not the only zonker freak!!! walgreens… lunch hour… looking for saltines… c black/yellow/red box on shelf!! i scream… ppl look at me like i lost my mind!! lol i bought 15 boxes! take ’em home and leave on “k” table. daughter stops by… i hear a scream… she found the zonkers!! “yes, nani… u may take a couple boxes!” :0) i sure hope they’re back for a good looooooooooong time!! i’ve been turning ppl on 2 this incredible taste and they r pleasantly surprised & r headed to w/greens 2 pick some up!! mmmmmmmmmmm………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. This being the NYC area the price of the boxes is $1.99. But still – hasn’t stopped us from stocking up.
    Yay SYZ!!

  30. So I stop at Walgreens to pick up some snack for an upcoming trip.
    Nothing seemed appealing. So I go and grab some chip and head out to the register.
    For some reason, I turn around and spot a snack display.
    I spot the familiar black box.
    Can it be??
    I hold my breath in anticipation as I walk toward the display.
    It can’t be!!
    OH. MY. GAWD!!
    Screaming Yellow Zonkers!!
    I think I almost fainted.
    I clear the shelf in a mad frenzy.
    The Zonkers. All mine. Every single box!
    Bwhahahaaa!!! Allllll MINEEE!!!

    Bless the soul who decided to bring popcorn joy back!!

  31. Whoa…everybody freeze – Screaming Yellow Zonkers are back?!! Hadn’t thought about ’em in years…then I saw ’em…and the memories (all good!) came flooding back!
    ENJOY from TX!!

  32. I have been a huge fan of Zonkers (the large black box) beginning in the 60’s! I have been bummed out and going through withdrawal since taken off the shelves. Why, oh why!?! I nearly fell over when I saw the black box with yellow writing on a shelf in my local Walgreen’s. Knew the box before seeing the writing. Snatched up a few boxes. Need the #1 of 4 limited edition box. Will keep searching until I find one. So glad I can get my Zonkers eat on again! If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying Screaming Yellow Zonkers get to you local Walgreen’s today…it is well worth the buck!

  33. Thanks so much for this wonderful news! I (literally) ran out the door to my local store after seeing this webpage… and now have 7 and 1/2 boxes of Screaming Yellow Zonkers! My gf is gonna love me for this… at least until the supply of Zonkers run out!

  34. When I saw this, I ran out to Walgreens immediately. They had them for $1.29 each or 2 for $2. I bought all 16 boxes on the shelf :)

    Just ate 3 and feel sick…but happy.

    Chris Elliott

  35. My family used to get these in the late 60’s, early 70’s. The last box we got (after not seeing them around for a while) had the grand prize winning ticket for a trip to Tahiti, or some other tropical paradise… I don’t remember where exactly, because my father opted to take a cash prize instead, and put a new roof on the house. My father – a hopeless pedantic. Anyway, I always loved the humor on the boxes. It was right up there with Mad Magazine as far as I was concerned.

  36. We had an SYZ orgy on our Navy ship in the early ’70s. I had a three box a day habit.

  37. Thank You/Thank You/Thank You for this blog. Because of you, and my wonderful husband who went to every Wallgreens in town, I now have 6 wonderful boxes of SYZ’s!!!!!(There were 7 but of course I had to devour one the minute I saw it…LOL) I looked for them at every snack counter and thought they were gone forever. Then one day I decided to google the name and found your great web page. My husband’s Zonker tip…..if you find them at a store….check the stores in that zip code for more. Just like the box says “This Is The Gateway To Happiness”

  38. THEY ARE STILL OUT THERE???? ohmehgerd! My local Walgreens has been out since about August, and I am looking at my last few boxes with a near panic. Please tell me that somewhere in Minnesota still has them. Have Zonkers? Will Travel…

  39. I can not find any yellow zonkers any where and I am frustrated does any one know where I can get some I live in Texas.

  40. Just called all Walgreens within 10 miles of my job and ONE had 7 boxes. I got them all. Then called the ones near my home. They are out!!!!!

  41. My grandmother used to buy me Zonkers from the Dollar Tree when I was a kid. I just found them today at Walgreens in Treasure Island, FL…I had no idea they were back. Ate a whole box, as delicious as ever. $1.29 a box here

  42. I too am a fan of screaming yellow zonkers and was sad when they went away. I found them yesterday at Grocery outlet. store for $.69 in Visalia, CA.

  43. The best stuff on the market back in the 70’s. we would buy 4 or 5 boxes at a time.

  44. I loved them in the 60`s & 70`s . GOOOD munchees . Where can I get some ??????

  45. I randomly search for them when I think about them, I am now kicking myself that I had no idea that this had happened. I can’t find them anywhere now. Boo.

  46. I used to save the boxes when I was a kid and had them across one wall in my bedroom along with my Beatles posters. I hope Walgreen’s in our area still has them.

  47. I need screaming yellow zonkers. I just found out about the release last year. Help I need some. Walgreens please bring them back.

  48. Started enjoying Screaming Yellow Zonkers way back in 1972, while living in Denver, CO.
    Thrilled to see that SYZ’s will soon be back on the market later in 2013.

  49. This post is from last year Jerry, they should already be in stores.

  50. Are they gone again?
    I thought that they were going to be a regular deal at Walgreens. I haven’t seen them at all…

    Any update?

  51. Is there any update as to more Screaming Yellow Zonkers being made?

  52. I know this is from last year but were can I find them how???I went to the Walgreen and the manager didn’t know what I was talking about.

  53. I made the same mistake. The came out just for a short time and were gone again. I managed to get a hold of 2 boxes before they were gone. ???? I wish we could get them back on the market for good!

  54. Please tell me the Screaming Yellow Zonkers are still available now!?!?! I have been searching for these for years! I just came across this article. My mind is completely blown! I love them as a kid and I haven’t stop thinking about Screaming Yellow Zonkers! Any helpful info would be appreciated. Thanks

  55. Just come across this site. Sorry for my tardiness but I had to respond. I loved SYZ as a kid, craved them in my teens and 20’s and well into my 30’s. enjoyed them occasionally into my 40’s, when I could find them. Just found out they have returned for hopefully longer than a limited time. Please bring SYZ back. Please, please, please, come back. We all miss you SYZ!!

  56. I am 74 and would give an arm for just one box of SYZ’s. How I loved them. Thanks Con Agra Anyone remember Horlick’s Malted Milk Tablets.

  57. Anyone find any SYZ’s lately?

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