Crashed Pilots: Bravo!

Crashed Pilots: Bravo!

In 1988, Filmation was sold to the L’oreal company. In 1989, L’oreal closed the studio. At the time of the closure, a spinoff to the Bravestarr series was in the works, one episode of which had been fully animated. This spinoff was originally titled “The Quest of the Prairie People”, then “Bravo!”, then “Bravo!: The Quest of the Prairie People”. While it was never aired, it did make it onto DVD in 2007, as a bonus feature on one of the Bravestarr DVDs.

The connection between Bravo! and Bravestarr is minimal at best, merely the titular Prairie People. The plot has nothing in common, and even the overall atmosphere is different. Bravo! seems intended for a notably younger audience and is very much a comedy, in sharp contrast
to Bravestarr’s focus on action & drama.

The story takes place in a stone-age setting, and feels a lot like The Flintstone Kids. The villains in the story are a group of humanoid plants (mostly cacti), led by a caveman, and the evil weed/mastermind Bitterroot. The heroes are the Prairie People, led by Bravo, a witch, some cavemen, and an oversized (but highly intellectual) blue goat.

As the story begins, the Prairie People have travelled into the past to fight Bitterroot and his Weed Riders. After trouncing their foes, they then meet Goatah and Fossill, who in turn lead them to the witch woman Leedra and the cave people. After a brief interlude where Bitterroot screams at the Weed Riders while some rats play cards, Ruckus leads the Weed Riders to attack the home of the cave people. Ruckus goes and steals the Prairie People’s Trek Ark (a flying car made out of rock), leaving the Weed Riders free to attack. Leedra and Grumpa (the Prairie People’s resident magician) start arguing about the best type of spell to use against their foes, while everyone else simply joins the fray, everyone except the titular Bravo. Bravo runs off to recover the Trek Ark and rescue Teeta (but winds up being rescued by her instead). The two of them return with the Trek Ark and use it’s jet engines (yes, rocks have jets, apparently…) to send the evil weeds flying into a volcano. Meanwhile, Leedra and Grumpa are still arguing about spells and haven’t cast a single one, a fact which doesn’t dawn on them until they hear the others talk about how the fight’s over. They do get to take part in the action though when Bitterroot shows up. Showing that they learned their lesson (at least for now), they both blast him with their magic & send him flying off into the sunset.

It’s unfortunate that the Filmation studio was shut down before this series made it into full production, it looks like it would have been a fun show, perfect for saturday mornings.

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  1. @Drahken Great write up man! I think if anything I would have probably like this show better than Bravestarr. I watched Bravestarr when I was a tike but it didn’t leave me with any nostalgia for it. Watching it as an adult it just struck me as super preachy even by the standards of cartoons in that era…though do still enjoy the odd episode. Also I prefer the animation style (from what I can tell in the pictures) It’s almost like Filmation picked up a little Don Bluth influence. Good stuff Drahken.

  2. It does have a much more cartoony style than bravestarr did, both in the designs and in the animation. It’s currently available on youtube:

    I didn’t care much for bravestarr when it originally aired because of series confusion. There was a previous series “blackstar” which i had loved. It got cancelled way too soon. Later, bravestarr appeared and I thought it was my beloved blackstar series at first (because of both the name and the similar settings), but quickly realized it was something else. I felt cheated & lied to, so I ignored the series.
    Very recently (within the last year or two), I started watching it again (for the first time, since I never really watched it back in the day) thanks to retroTV. I rather like it now, although I do find myself fastforwarding a lot in many of the episodes.

  3. Nice find and some good obscure. I agree from the whacky premise and decent animation, it would have made for some solid Saturday Morning viewing.

  4. I have some other rather obscure ones in my list, but I think this one is the single most obscure of them all.

    btw, Since there’s a “crashed pilots” category now, you should add my plastic man post to it as well.

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