5 Best Movies with Jetpacks in Them

5 Best Movies with Jetpacks in Them

I don’t ask for much in life. A cold coca-cola, an internet connection, stuff that has salt on it. I try hard not to expect too much out of life, but ever since I was a kid watching the Jetsons I assumed that the personal jet pack was just around the corner.

Now remember when the media started hyping the Segue a few years ago. They said that a new form of transportation was on the horizon and that it would revolutionize the way we get around. I was so sure it was going to be a jet pack that I bet my cube mate at the time a lunch about it. I lost, and a 9 piece McNugget, large fries and coke later, I was talking to him about this futuristic scooter/messiah. He was excited still. I was still let down, but we kept talking.

The whole time my mind was wandering. I was dreaming about my jet pack and how I could use it to escape this boring conversation.

Now I understand the safety concerns with the Jet Pack, but I still want one. Vertebrae be damned! Life is short. Certainly too short to be shackled to the ground the whole time. So I keep putting my money aside and waiting…

Since I won’t be getting a jet pack or a rocket belt anytime soon I thought I would share some of my favorite movies that have jet packs in them. In no particular order…

The Running Man
In the classic Arnold Movie the Stalker Fireball uses what appears to be a flammable gas powered jet pack to get around. Not the best idea for fuel, but I love the idea of a jet pack that can double as a weapon.

Logan’s Run
The award for most cumbersome jet pack goes to… Logan’s Run. A great movie and book it also has some pretty wacky design ideas in it that I just love! Sort of like early EPCOT meets studio 54. If you have never seen their jet pack, check out this still from the film.

It’s like a soda machine strapped to his back right? Absolutely ludicrous and magnificent.

You would think that the jet pack would be standard issue for a super spy, but the jet pack only appeared in a few Bond films. Most notably was the 4th film, Thunderball, which has a great opening sequence where James uses a jet pack to stage a memorable getaway.

Return of the Jedi
Nothing is more depressing then the scene where Boba Fett gets “killed” by a blind Han Solo. As a consolation prize we at least get to see the Uber bounty hunter in all his jet packed glory. The heck with my jet pack dream! My new dream now is for a pull set of Mandalorian Battle Armor.

The Rocketeer
THE best movie to feature a jet packet is the highly underrated Rocketeer. This movie is high adventure in the spirit of Indiana Jones, but never managed to win over the hearts of the fans. If you have not seen this movie run out and rent it.


And check out this phony propaganda film from the movie. Hopefully it will convince you that we should invest 60% of our GDP in jet pack research.


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  1. Excellent list. I too am a fan of the jetpack. And, even though I’m a Star Trek fan, I’m much less enthusiastic about the jetboots from Star Trek V. The jetpack is just all around better – even if it is the size of a soda machine.

  2. If I remember correctly, and it’s likely I don’t, the jet pack in Thunderball was actually a working model. It only have a flight time of about 30 seconds, but still..working jet pack!

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