The Mighty Thor – Enter Hercules (1966)

Continuing with the celebration of the release of the Avengers film in theaters this weekend, our next short from the Marvel Super Heroes 1966 show is none other than the God of Thunder himself, Thor! In this particular episode he has one of my favorite Marvel Comics characters as a guest star, Hercules, who just so happens to be the Prince of Power. Like in the comics of old when these two meet…they usually do not get along real well.

[via] undyingSinEdd’s YouTube Channel


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8 thoughts on “The Mighty Thor – Enter Hercules (1966)

  1. Cosmic Joker says:

    And the moral of today’s story is:

    Never, and I mean, NEVER interrupt Hercules when he is in the middle of performing a madrigal. The consequences could be dire.

  2. Drahken says:

    I never saw these on TV, but I did discover them on youtube a few years back. The first one I stumbled on was the hulk, the theme song for that one is … er…. interesting….
    I found these interesting for their strangeness, but exceedingly low quality overall. Perhaps the most interesting thing about them is that the technique has been sort-of resurrected in recent years, just search youtube for “motion comics”.

  3. It certainly sounds like I missed some fantastic programming from the way you guys have talked about WPIX. :(

    Drahken, you quite correct my friend. The resurrection of the motion comics is absolutely a throwback to these cartoons. I think Jack Kirby would have been proud to see that…and now they do not have to cut the comics up and animate them!

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    These were my intro to many characters from Marvel.

    Kids would sing the lyrics in the playground and it made me seek out the toons, which played about fifteen minutes before a kid’s show I never watched, after school.

    The minimalist approach to animation allowed for some great Kirby-era drawings.
    Yeah, it really was a pre-cursor to motion-comics.

    And this one is (unintentionally?) hilarious.
    Seems like every single line from Hercules is eminently quotable.

    Great fun.
    Practically a sequel to the recent Thor movie.

  5. Drahken says:

    The scene where he reveals himself reminds me of an old dirty joke:
    Thor makes love to an earth woman, then feels guilty afterwards. He decides he should reveal himself to her. He pronounces “I am Thor!”. She replies “You’re thore? I can’t even thit!”

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