Vintage Tom Sawyer Book

Vintage Tom Sawyer Book

I was a pretty avid (and early) reader as a kid. Some of my earliest teachers didn’t know quote what to do with a kid that was already reading, but a few them helped nurture my love of books. One of those teachers was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Estrada. When I left third grade, Mrs. Estrada gave me this copy of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” by Mark Twain. The book was old and worn when she gave it to me 30 years ago, and looks older and more worn now.

I ran across the book while out cleaning my garage last weekend. After opening up the book I saw something that I must’ve known but had forgotten. Right above where Mrs. Estrata wrote my name in the book for me, you can see that the book was originally a Christmas gift for a boy named Howard in 1945.

The last page of the book contains Howard’s full name and address. I’m going to try and contact him and see if he wants his book back. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Flack, I cannot wait to hear where this particular adventure will lead you!

    For myself I was taught to be an avid reader by my Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Pennington. She was one of those grand old ladies who truly cared for her students so she would tutor me before school and after. At a certain point she asked me to pick a book from the shelves in the classroom and I chose the Time Machine by H.G. Wells, that book pretty much made me a fan of science fiction for life….that and Star Wars of course.

  2. I like to buy books at used book sales and I always enjoy looking to see if there are names and dates and such in them. It’s always very interesting see thinks like “Jim Smith, XYZ High School, Town, State, Class of ’55” etc. I have one where a guy wrote his army unit in there. I googled the unit and found nothing so I’m thinking it might be a WWII unit long deactivated. Great stuff!

  3. I was an avid reader since before I even started school. It was actually quite frustrating, being expected to keep down to the rate of the rest of the class. One of my jr high teachers gave me a book in the princes of amber series. I don’t think I have it any longer, but it was a great book, as was the rest of the series.

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