Midway’s Blue Shark

I’m going to write a few blurbs for the arcade games I’m bring to a show this year, just a little background information that I plan to attach to each game. I figure that since I’m writing these anyway with a couple little changes I could also post them here. For my trial run at this let me introduce you to Blue Shark.

Blue Shark was released by Midway in 1978. It’s an early black and white game that I believe can best be described as a shooting gallery type game. There is a spear gun fixed to the control panel that pivots left and right that you use it to aim and shoot at the creatures on the screen. Midway put a nice effort into making these black and white games look very nice. They used a one way mirror in such a way as to make the sea creatures appear to swim around a fairly elaborate underwater scene. It’s going to be easier to show this effect then explain it so here is a video I made showing off the game.

The basic premise of the game is that you are a deep sea diver armed with your trusty spear gun. You have 99 seconds to shoot as many creatures as you can. I can’t tell you why you are out to shoot all the sea life in the area, maybe they beat up your brother and it’s a revenge thing I don’t know. You receive 200 points for the sword fish, 300 points for the shark at close range, 400 points for the octopus and 500 points for the shark at long range. Every so often another diver will try to get in your way. You will want to avoid shooting him because if you do hit him 500 points will be subtracted from your score. If you reach 18,000 points you will be rewarded with a free game. In the video I said you would receive extra time but I was mistaken.

Unfortunately Blue Shark is going to be a difficult one to experience firsthand. It is a fairly obscure title and there doesn’t seem to be that many still out there. It was never popular enough to be ported to any other system and even though it can be played in MAME I find that without the spear gun or the artwork it’s really not as engaging. Those little touches really bring you into the game and without them it’s just a pretty bland looking shooter and just not the way it was intended to be played.


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