Buck Rogers and his Atomic Bomber Puzzles

I love the Dick Calkins box graphics on these puzzles sets from Hake’s. We had some old Buck Rogers stuff laying around my house when I was a kid, stuff that belonged to my father when he was a kid. I always wondered what happened to them, they just seemed to disappear one day. I was cleaning out the basement at the family homestead recently, when I found a bundle of them, ruined and warped, stuck in the bottom drawer of an old dresser. I was majorly bummed and tried to reclaim anything I could, but they were pretty far gone. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how they made it there, I assume he might have put them there, because nothing I would have treasured would have ever left my room if I tried to hide them. They were near his basement work bench, so maybe he was hiding his treasures near where he could find them.

[via] Hake’s


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