Mysterious Star Wars Sign

Mysterious Star Wars Sign

I have a friend (Dean) who deals in arcade games. He buys, sells, repairs, and operates them. Recently while digging around in a warehouse full of vintage arcade machines, he found the following sign. Knowing I’m a big Star Wars fan, he grabbed it and gave it to me later that evening.

This is where the mystery begins — we can’t figure out what the sign came from.

Since he found it in a warehouse full of arcade games it made sense that the sign came from an arcade machine of some sort, but if it did, we can’t figure out which one. We’ve gone through all the official material for every licensed Star Wars game, even things like pinball machines, and can’t find any reference to it. It’s about the right size to be an arcade sign; it’s just over two-feet wide, and printed on Plexiglas.

I posted a picture of the sign on Facebook in hopes that someone would know what it came off of, but both my arcade friends and my Star Wars friends were stumped. One of my friends pointed out that the font looks a little “off” and somewhat hand drawn. Another one of my friends pointed out something that I had missed — on the TIE Interceptor, the laser blasts are coming from the tips of the wings, but that’s not where a TIE Fighter’s guns are; they’re located on the main hull, just under the cockpit. Based on that mistake, I am now assuming this was some sort of homemade sign.

After scouring the sign looking for a copyright date or a signature, I noticed that a lot of the diagonal lines are jagged instead of being straight, leading me to believe that the picture was designed on and printed via a computer, which makes it newer than what I had originally assumed it was.

I’ve had two people suggest that the sign may have appeared in a convenient store as part of a drink giveaway. I haven’t been able to run down that lead yet, but it’s possible.

Despite the sign’s murky past, it is now hanging in my Star Wars room. May the Force be with You, always.

Rob O'Hara

I'm into old video games, old arcade games, old computer games, writing, photography, computer/network security, and of course, the 1980s!

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  1. Could be bootleg. I started looking online last night and so far, I have not come up with anything like it. Which of course makes me want it more.

  2. Artisanal pinball topper!

  3. It indeed might be a one off. Either way you look at it, it looks like this would be for a 1992 Data East Star Wars pinball machine, simply by the font and color of “the force” being the same as on the playfield of the pinball machine.

    If there could be ANY WAY for you to take some detailed shots of that, prob too big to scan in.. but send me good shots/pics of that to my email, that would be SUPER Appreciated.
    justjoed (at) hotmail dot com


  4. You buried the lead! My takeaway from this article is that you have a STAR WARS ROOM. How awesome are you?

  5. I SWEAR I’ve seen this before somewhere. This is going to drive me nuts.

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