Do You Remember The California Raisins NES Game?

Well if you don’t recall the California Raisins: The Grape Escape you shouldn’t feel too bad because it was never released to the general public. Capcom produced the NES title back in 1990, four years after the Vinton Studios got the ball rolling thanks to their wonderful claymation work for the California Raisin Advisory Board commercials.

The California Raisins: The Grape Escape had been reviewed by game critics and advertised in the Capcom games of the time as coming soon. It has been assumed that the waning popularity of the Raisins in 1990 caused Capcom to pull the plug on the title, but obviously Roms are floating around the internet and you must consider yourself lucky if you get your hands on one of the rare NES carts.

The storyline of the game sounds like it might have some ties to the Meet the Raisins special, that our own Claymation Werewolf spotlighted yesterday. It seems you took on the role of a California Raisin in a side-scrolling platformer where you tried to rescue members of your band and get their instruments back from the fruits and vegetable characters that stole it. I wondered if the band responsible for this was Lick Broccoli and the Herbicides but watching this video on YouTube it says the Wild Bunch are the culprits responsible.

[Via] MegaScorcher TV’s YouTube Channel


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