Westward the Women on DVD

Westward the Women on DVD

Westward the Women is a 1951 western directed by William A. Wellman and starring Robert Taylor, Denise Darcel and John McIntire. The films plot is wholly original and I have never seen another western like it. California has gold and a lot of men seeking it. What they don’t have is women. So Buck Wyatt, played by Robert Taylor, leads a wagon train full of women across country to new lives with desperate husbands. While on the journey they face hardship after hardship and Buck and these women demonstrate the mettle needed to move across the country. Even when hopes are dashed through loss or danger, they manage to persevere and when they finally get to California. When there, they all ride triumphantly into town, finally meeting up with the men whose photographs they carried across country. Its a hard won victory and they all get in line for the preacher. But will cynical Buck join the line to make this a true “happy ending”? You will need to watch to see.

The Warner Archive has just recently released this gem from their vault and it both looks great and has Special Features (surprise!).

With the DVD you will get:

– Audio Commentary with film historian Scott Eyman
– Vintage M-G-M featurette “Challenge the Wilderness (interesting)
– The Original Theatrical Trailer

This is a big step up from “As is” releases and a great addition to your classic movie collection. If your a fan of the western genre, you will find Westward the Women and re-watchable addition to your collection. So pick up your copy today.

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