MAD Magazine Does Quincy ME…It’s Queezy!

This Quincy ME sendup appeared in The Empire Strikes Back issue of MAD and was completely overshadowed by it. This comes from my nearly destroyed copy that I re-found recently and it got the old memories flowing. I had reread the Empire spoof so many times that I was tired of it, but since the issue was always close at hand, I found myself re-reading the others spoofs. My favorite soon became Queezy (Quincy ME is one of my favorite shows).

This opening page still disturbs me a little — Especially the dog running away with the intestines.


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2 thoughts on “MAD Magazine Does Quincy ME…It’s Queezy!

  1. Dar says:

    Ah reminds me of when MAD was funny.

    It’s been mind-bogglingly horrid for the past number of years.

  2. That could be a rough show to watch! I remember some guy pouring a dead cow (or something) into drinking watch, and a lengthy shot while some little kid later drank it.

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