I’m Thumbody!

I was re-reading metagirl’s Thumb Art post yesterday and by coincidence, when I went to look at the Retroist Image Pool on Flickr, the first photo I see is this gem by bluwmongoose. I am pretty sure this is the internet trying to tell me something. Perhaps that I am Thumbody!??


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3 thoughts on “I’m Thumbody!

  1. Geff Rapp says:

    That pin was designed by my Father-in-law Peter Petraglia. He just recently passed away. I’m Thumbody was widely used as a promotional program for banks in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

  2. @Geff – Thanks for this comment. I would love more details so I could add it to the post. Do you know what year this started? Was your father-in-law working at a marketing firm? Would love to know more.

  3. Geff Rapp says:

    My father-in-law, Peter Petraglia, invented and designed Thumbody while a partner at Princeton Partners agency back in 1971.The hand drawing was actually based on his own fingerprint. This little Thumbody character became part of a financial services campaign package sold to banks and credit unions across the United States. At one point there were over 100 financial institution in dozens of states using the I’m Thumbody program that included print ads, posters, pins, shirts, banks, hats and many many other promotional items with the Thumbody character on them. He later expanded the series to include Thumbody Loves You and Thumbody Cares (focused on ecology and saving the earth). Princeton Partners had such success with the program that Pete was able to retire early and pursue his passion for abstract painting and photography. His paintings and photos pre and post-retirement were some of his very best work. His art was displayed in galleries throughout Bucks County Pennsylvania, Lambertville New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. Pete recently passed away on Easter Sunday. He leaves a significant amount of incredible work and his family is working to make sure the public will have access to see and even purchase some of original unique pieces.

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