Wizard Of Wor – CBS Challenge Of The Champions Commercial (1982)

I can almost recall seeing this commercial for the CBS Challenge of the Champions with John Madden for the Atari 2600 from back in my youth. Thanks to Scottith Games over on YouTube for loading this up for all of us to enjoy.

Scottith added this bit of info: “It’s very possible that CBS’s first 2 releases (Gorf and Wizard of Wor) were developed by Gabriel Industries, who subcontracted it out to Roklan Corp. Gabriel was a toy company owned by CBS, as they are the only carts labeled as such . Later titles were done by CBS Video Games, which was a division of Gabriel Industries.

The magazine ad showed high scores from Buz Pryzby and Frank Merollo. Buz Pryzby was actually CBS programmer Ed Pryzby, though it’s unknown whether either Ed or Frank helped program it. CBS offered a small medal for scoring X number of points.”

A big thanks to AtariAge for that awesome box art you see up top.


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3 thoughts on “Wizard Of Wor – CBS Challenge Of The Champions Commercial (1982)

  1. Cool ad. But seeing that game on the screen just confirms that my Bally Astrocade version was the best home version.

    And it still works! Come by and play anytime.


  2. Drahken says:

    The bally astrocade looks like it was a great system. I was looking at some vids of it early, and it’s version of pacman (munchman) is infinitely closer to the arcade version than the 2600’s pile of streaming crap. It’s just too bad the astrocade has so few games (many of which aren’t even actual games, but rather computer software, and many of the remaining ones are just sports).

  3. Drahken – the Bally was a more advanced system than the 2600, but died due to bad marketing and certainly a lack of titles.

    That munchman game never even officially released – and if someone has a cart of it, it’s VERY rare

    Although, over on Bally Alley on Yahoo, someone recently made a homebrewed game that looked pretty cool.

    The Wizard Of Wor was awesome.

    It also had a basic programming cart, which was pretty wild. I still have all my games, controllers – all in working condition. I should upload some pics!

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