Titanic on the TV Show Voyagers!

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, I rediscovered the Titanic episode of one of my old fav TV shows, “Voyagers!”. Voyagers! was about a group of people with special devices that looked like pocket watches, which they used to travel through time & correct errors in history. There was apparently some sort of society of these travellers, as we would occaisionally see others pop in for an episode or two. However, the main focus of the show was on one voyager & the kid he picked up by accident from the 20th century. The man is at first annoyed that the kid got dragged along and keeps trying to return him to his time (which isn’t easy, since they don’t have control over where/when they land), but eventually realizes that he needs the kid’s help. The voyager knows precious little about the events in history which he’s supposed to be fixing (which makes you wonder what the selection process was for his position), but the kid knows a lot about historical events. The plot was similar to that of Quantum Leap, except that Voyagers! came out several years earlier.

Voyagers! was also a form of edutainment. The episodes would put some emphasis on the historical events they were covering, and at the end of each they would have a sort of mini-PSA where they told you to go to your local library & look up information on the events seen in that episode.

I had almost forgotten about this show, but decided to watch it again online. What is the first episode I happen to click on? The one about the Titanic. How’s that for a coinky-dink?

In this episode they land on the Titanic & have to save the Mona Lisa from going down with the ship, but the boy wants to try to save all the passengers, or prevent the crash altogether. This is also one of the episode where they encounter another voyager.

Now, without further ado, here is the episode on VEOH.


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