National Horror League

Just announce and ready to start this summer comes the National Horror League, teams based on some lesser venues but known for their contribution to horror and sci fi now have their own sports franchises. The announcement of commissioner Bruce Campbell along with some of the teams and a few logos were on display, I am very excited about this…

Also announced were The Morningside Phantasms, The Pheonixville Meteors, The Springwood Dream Warriors, Crystal Lake Juggernauts, Altair IV Robots, The Santa Carla Lost, Perfection Graboids, Dark Woods Force and The Haunted Hill Spectres


Cobbled together from equal parts old Atlas Comics Monsters, Universal Monster scraps and unused Saturday Morning cartoon villains by way of a custom low brow paint job on the side of a hot rod hearse; Monsterfink sets forth from his crypt in unending quest to acquire as much monster related merchandise as possible until the villagers catch up to him.

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2 thoughts on “National Horror League

  1. Fantastic work, Monsterfink! I for one have to admit that while I’m a big fan of the Perfection Graboids…my heart belongs to the Grover’s Mill Invaders. Now all I need is a T-Shirt with these NHL teams. :D

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