Get Ready For Battle Beasts…The Comic Book!

Get Ready For Battle Beasts…The Comic Book!

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It would certainly seem that the great but often overlooked Battle Beasts from back in 80s is finally getting are finally their second chance thanks to IDW and Diamond Select Toys! The two entertainment giants have teamed up to not only bring us the new comic book adventures of the Beasts but new toys as well.

From the IDW/Diamond Select Toys announcement: ““Battle Beasts is a great fit for IDW”, said writer Bobby Curnow. “What’s so important about toys is they enable kids to build worlds in their imaginations, and create stories for those worlds. Since I never really grew up, getting the chance to help create the new Battle Beasts in comic form has been a fantastic and supremely fun experience. The world has been turned upside down with the arrival of the Battle Beasts, and we’re going to have a great time showing just how crazy things get. IDW has a lot of experience finding riveting stories in toy-based licenses, and I hope Battle Beasts is no exception. I know for a fact that Valerio is knocking it out of the park. His art is going to floor a lot of people.”

And the excitement does not stop there — at San Diego Comic-Con (July 11-15), IDW will launch the BATTLE BEASTS series with issue #1, and DST will unveil the first full wave of Battle Beasts Minimates, which will be in stores in late fall of 2012! The first wave of two-packs will focus heavily on characters who appear in the comic, and will have a gameplay element, as well. DST will also have an exclusive two-pack of Battle Beasts for sale at the show.”

Let’s just hope that it can contain the awesomeness of that classic Hasbro animated TV commercial!

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  1. I was digging around in my parents’ attic a few weeks ago and found my Battle Beasts. I remember watching the commercial as a kid and wondering, “When is this show coming on?” :)

    Glad these toys are going to have a revival!

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