Masters Of The Universe…Songster?!

Do you recall the majesty of rock that was the Masters of the Universe Power Tour? Well, in 1986 for 19 consecutive sold out performances at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City before touring in 1987 some fans of He-man were treated to an…interesting musical take on our favorite heroes and villains of Eternia.

[Via] Robatsea2009’s YouTube Channel

Were they playing the music from Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future in that TV ad?

The Power Tour was a 3 Million dollar 90 minute production that apparently had black lights, a roller derby, acrobats, and explosions. It also had two new characters that had been specially made for the show, the General and…Songster. A heroic Bard with a magical guitar.

[Via] Sifugus’s YouTube Channel

You can watch the whole Power Tour thanks to Sifugus! Doesn’t He-Man sound like John Erwin from the original animated series?

A big thanks to i09 for the heads up on all of this and make sure to check out the Masters of the Universe Powertour Blog for even more videos and photos like you see up top.


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