Lost Masters Of The Universe TV Commercial (1981)

Lost Masters Of The Universe TV Commercial (1981)

Well, with the Retroist’s awesome He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Podcast today I thought this possible first commercial for the toy line with it’s Heavy Metal inspired animation would hit the spot.

[Via] Mike Black Funny’s YouTube Channel

Here is some info from the uploader: “I’ve been looking for this commercial for three decades. To the best of my knowledge this was the very first He-Man and The Masters of the Universe Toy Commercial ever, it only aired once in the United States and the animation predates the Filmation cartoon series (though it might have been done by Filmation as well).

Snippets of this have been found in French MOTU ads but this is the original ad showing the animation sequence in it’s entirety. This was taken from the Mattel Booth at San Diego Comic Con, I do not claim any copyrights or anything of that nature and have uploaded for nostalgia and historical significance. Sorry about the sound quality, the best I could get with 30,000 Comic Con Attendees in the Exhibit Hall. This was my first experience with Masters of the Universe and it hooked me for life. Hopefully, Mattel will post a cleaner/better audio version soon but enjoy it for now.”


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  1. By the power of advertising!! Love the animation style.

  2. Pretty wicked there, and interesting voices, too.

  3. Great animation! This is so neat, I love with stuff like this finally surfaces! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wish this was feature length Heavy Metal style!

  5. I definitely think I could go for a feature film with this type of animation. :)

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