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I always have an eye out for Friday the 13th. The day, not the movie. When I realized Wednesday that Friday would be the 13th, I added the first two movies to my Netflix queue and planned a marathon. I can’t watch TV, though, until Baby McCoy goes to bed at 7:30 PM. Hot Pink Heather’s rule, not mine. What would I do in the intervening hours? I’d read Crystal Lake Memories, the authoritative history of the Friday the 13th franchise, on my Kindle.

The e-version of this book was scheduled to be released last Friday the 13th, which was in February, but ebook publishing being what it is (re: the difficulty in getting the ebook to look good on every reader) delayed it. I’d say “sadly delayed”, but since I was unaware of it, I couldn’t be that sad. I had a hunch about it today, though, and looked into it. Sure enough, it was to be released today! And it was! Just too late for me to get to enjoy it. I kept searching the Kindle Store all morning and never found it. It finally popped up at 7 PM California time, a mere half-hour before my marathon was to start. And since I don’t have a Kindle Fire or iPad, I don’t think I’ll get to see the pictures and videos that are reported to be in the “enhanced” ebook version. Nonetheless, I got it and read a few pages. I can’t give a full review, but since I seem to be addicted to info about 80s horror movies, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

You can get Crystal Lake Memories for Kindle and iPad. And though the holiday (?) will mostly likely be over by the time most of you see this, you might still be interested in it. I was.


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