Pulsar: The Ultimate Man of Adventure

Pulsar: The Ultimate Man of Adventure was an action figure patented by Mattel in 1976 and sold in stores starting in 1977. He was a tall 14″ action figure with short white hair. The real magic and mystery of Pulsar was revealed when you tore open his sweat suit top it revealed that his entire torso was clear plastic. This interestingly allowed you to views all of his internal organs. Plus you could make the organs move by pushing a button on his back. Pulsar was cool to be sure, but was also a big question mark. When you peel back his head you saw a mission disc, but what was his mission?

He was not super successful as a toy, so his back story was never fleshed out, so we never get an explanation of his hybrid tech biology. Only two other toys in his line were produced. His nemesis, Hypnos and Pulsar’s Life Systems Center which was a medical bay style wall that Pulsar could be placed inside to get a checkup/regeneration.

Here are some of the commercials that show Pulsar in action, plus a video showing Hypnos.

Pulsar Commercial

Pulsar Life Systems Center



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