Retroist April Newsletter 2012

The Retroist Monthly Newsletter for April 2012

The April Newsletter is now available and is chock full of all the useful news and information you have come to depend on from the Retroist Monthly Newsletter. Click on the newsletter to see a large version of it for you to read or download or if you have a PDF enabled device, you can click here to download the newsletter in that format. Then you can print it out and read it at your leisure and share it with your friends. The newsletter has hit the streets in select (very few) towns in the US last night. I encourage everyone to help spread the word and print out an extra one or two and add them to your local bulletin boards or coffee shop.

Click the Image below to view a Larger Version:
Retroist April Newsletter 2012

This newsletter and all future ones will be posted at the Newsletter Archive. If you are interested in writing for the Monthly Newsletter, please send me an email at


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8 thoughts on “The Retroist Monthly Newsletter for April 2012

  1. I have watched people read them at the places they were hung, but I would like to hear from them to see what they think or if they looked at the site afterwards.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I’m flipping my open backpack backwards, in honor of May’s fundraiser.

    I’ll leave the front door open for collection purposes, cuz there’s not much left in it once I step outside.
    My old, chewed-up gum is holding fast, though.

    Happy birthday, Stan!

  3. Metagirl – the question should be “Who doesn’t love you?”, the answer is shorter.
    Keep up the good work everybody…

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