Steelehouse Productions Presents: Pac-Man The Movie (Fan Film)

Steelehouse Productions Presents: Pac-Man The Movie (Fan Film)

Where do I begin to describe everything that is right about this fan film trailer by Writer/Director James Farr and Steelehouse Productions’ for Pac-Man the Movie? I suppose I can’t do the trailer justice so just go ahead and watch it…make sure to read the ticker at the bottom of the news broadcast!
[Via] Machinima’s YouTube Channel

After the trailer ended I felt an overwhelming sense of despair. This is a fan film trailer. Never will I be able to step up to the box office and ask for a ticket to Pac-Man the Movie. I’ll never learn if Pac-Man and his handlers help to make the world a better place.

I’m thinking that James Farr needs to sit down with Namco and throw this trailer up on Kickstarter so they can get the necessary funds to make this film a reality!

You can find out a bit more on the creation of this trailer over at Project Yellow Sphere. Here is an excerpt from their page:


In the 80s, it was all about Pac-Man.

PAC-MAN was the very first arcade game we ever played. It was the first Atari 2600 cartridge we ever owned. It was the first Saturday morning cartoon we watched religiously, and to this day, our favorite (yet sadly discontinued) brand of pasta. We grew up with this character. Spent countless hours with him. But in all that time, the one thing we wanted the most … the one thing we fully expected … never happened. Why, we wondered, did they never make a PAC-MAN MOVIE?

The answer to that, of course, is breathtakingly simple. PAC-MAN made no sense.”

I would like to give a big thanks to Chris Sims over at Comics Alliance for the heads up on the trailer!


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  1. Firstly, I regret having used the word “Awesome” in any other context in my life, because it could only apply here and be retired for its only next use, which would probably be used when faced with the 1000-ton foot of a giant Skynet bot about to crush me indifferently on its way to total human annihilation.

    Second, this insanely-detailed and precisely perfect video incarnation of a Buckner fever dream is proof that we users have the means to take control of the Hollywood money-laundering machine that passes gunk as weekly entertainment.

    Like District 9’s 200 million dollar-look on a 30M budget, this Pac-Man project of love shows there are no limits to what we can do.

    Thirdly, I freakin love this. It’s like I’m still asleep right now, making incredible things happen to my dreamself, watching movies of never-to-be-seen subjects that make the day brighter, grabbing a much-desired comic from a spinning stacked rack and exclaiming joy at the ideally-drawn cover as it vanishes from my hands, the bedroom slowly melting in place as the neighborhood wildlife rouses me from my paradisical realm of comfort.

    Yeah, like that. Only better, cuz I’m awake.

    Many thanks for sharing, Vic.

    Here’s to one day finally be able to buy a ticket to its premiere.

  2. I love the slightly Tron feel of it all…let’s hope they will produce more of these, friends!

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