Promo for the Premiere of “Card Sharks” hosted by Jim Perry and “The New High Rollers” hosted by Alex Trebek

Straight from his stint playing lead character on Welcome Back, Kotter, Trebek makes time to host a game show. This would be the 2nd attempt at the High Rollers series, which is why it was labeled new. This new version would only last until 1980 and it would be 7 years until they would try it again, this time with a new host. Sadly, but good for him, Alex was a little busy with another show by then.

Card Sharks became…well Card Sharks. A stable of my at home day time TV watching.

Lower than a 4!?! Are you kidding me?!?

Oh and who remember this magical crossover? Alex can banter and wear the heck out of a shirt…


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