Are You Ready For WildSpace? (1993)

Are You Ready For WildSpace? (1993)

In 1993 when TSR released it’s board game based on it’s Dungeons and Dragons property, entitled DragonStrike, it included a 30 minute video tutorial to help newcomers to the art of Role-Playing an adventure game. Their follow up game was going to be set in Wildspace, which is pretty much Dungeons and Dragons in space…but the game was never released. The game was advertised in one of the TSR Dragon magazines however:

“Wildspace – Sail the void between planets in your squidship in search of treasure. Evil mind flayers, draconians, and Lord Fear hunt the spaceways trying to stop you. This is the second game in the AdventureVision series. Like Dragon Strike, when Wildspace the video ends, Wildspace the game begins. Watch the half-hour video adventure featuring your heroes in awesome action, then play as a team in exciting fantasy space adventures.”

Watch the WildSpace Trailer

Besides having an awesome Illithid, or Mind Flayer as it is more commonly called in that video. It also happened to be directed by THE Flint Dille. Flint Dille was one of the writers behind almost every popular cartoon in the eighties. Which ones you ask? Transformers, G.I. Joe, Visionaries, Inhumanoids, and the Pirates of Dark Water to name just a few.

I don’t know why the game was never released, but perhaps Dragon Strike didn’t do as well as TSR had hoped?


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  1. The name of the campaign setting this game is based on is Spelljammer, which was Jeff Grubb’s creation. It had (has?) a cult following. Unfortunately, every time I thought about it I kept hearing “Orcs in Spaaaaace!!!!” (Gratuitous Muppet Show reference)

  2. I played me some Spelljammer, but could never get involved in the right campaign. I would watch a TV series based on this video.

  3. I have the spelljammer novels, they’re very good

  4. This would’ve made the best laserdisc game ever of all time!
    Terrific video.

    Had friends who were into Spelljammer.
    They never invited me, though.


    yeah, I knew people who were into Spelljammer.

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