PSA – Marijuana and a Saw Blade do not Mix

I remember this ad and the first time I saw it I thought the start of it comes off as silly. Are those kids lighting up in the wood shop? What kind of school allows that but can afford what looks like an expensive saw (I should mention my school could not afford any sort of wood shop equipment – we used scrap wood, glue and coping saws).

But when he turns on the machine and off screen cuts off a limb and does not scream I am left speechless. My imagination is alive with images of off-screen gore, but I am also alarmed by the potency of a drug that seems to leave most people unable to shut up.


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One thought on “PSA – Marijuana and a Saw Blade do not Mix

  1. Regardless of the dope usage of the students, woodshop should be banned until table saws with active injury mitigation technology are mandatory. I’m not high, but I’m clumsy. I need my fingers to operate my joystick.

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