How to Make your own Slime at Home

I bookmarked this video last year with plans to make this magical substance at Halloween, but somehow the link got buried and lost. I found it last night and I am very excited for this to be my weekend project. If everything works out like in the video, I will be re-enacting my favorite scenes from both Ghostbusters and You Can’t Do that on Television with a little bit more authenticity from now on.


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6 thoughts on “How to Make your own Slime at Home

  1. garsh says:

    Dude! That is some of the BEST slime I’ve ever seen! And I actually have a big box of borax in my kitchen! I can’t wait to make some of that! I wonder why they didn’t make it that good on Nickelodeon!?

  2. What’s your favorite color of slime? I like purple the best. Just don’t get it in your ponytail, it makes quite a mess.

  3. I made my first round of “slime” yesterday. I just could not wait. I added a little more glue and I got something now that is almost mold-able. Neon food coloring is on sale at the supermarket — so it is very brightly colored. This weekend I will try and make it much more “slimey”.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    This post is the prologue to the Blob sequel I’ve been awaiting for so long.

    Homemade slime + electrical storm + open window = Return Of The Son Of The Blob

  5. garsh says:

    Incomprehensibly, my neighborhood Kroger doesn’t seem to carry liquid food coloring. This is a setback.

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