Buckner And Garcia Perform “Pac-Man Fever” On Solid Gold (1982)

With the great news posted earlier by the Retroist that today IS Pac-Man Day, it seemed an opportune moment to share Buckner and Garcia’s “Pac-Man Fever” performance on Solid Gold.

So if you are not too exhausted from visiting your local arcade and playing hours of Pac-Man to help celebrate this wondrous day why not take a moment and watch this fantastic performance?

[Via] Ronafe69’s YouTube Channel

All I need now is a bowl of Pac-Man cereal and my day will be set!


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7 thoughts on “Buckner And Garcia Perform “Pac-Man Fever” On Solid Gold (1982)

  1. Not that Solid Gold is as quality as its name suggests, but I still can’t believe these guys did this song on it. I also can’t believe the Pac Man dance the SG dancers are doing in the background.

  2. James says:

    I Have the 82 version Of PacMan Fever I burned to CD and about Spotify don’t use that program! that’s what killed my last computer! :( Since There has been Talk of it having Malware.

  3. The dancing girls are sexy and all, but shouldn’t they be dressed like Ms. Pac-Man? She’s had the worst case of Pac-Man fever for years.

  4. I own both the original version of Buckner and Garcia’s album and the re-recorded re-release done years later. I even have the complete album on my phone in mp3 format, ready for playing at a moment’s notice.

    And now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to Do the Donkey Kong.

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