What Comic Book Was I Reading In March Of 1987?

What Comic Book Was I Reading In March Of 1987?

Actually, I was reading a lot of comic books at that time but this 4 issue limited series by Marvel Comics giving the lowdown on all of the Transformers was what I had tucked away in my book binder at school, within easy reach…because why would I want to know about math when I could learn more about Thundercracker and Wheeljack?

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  1. Yeah! I had these and wish they were collected and reprinted today. A fantastic and fun mini-series.

  2. Absolutely Philip! I mean where else could I learn so much about the Sharkticons before the advent of the internet? By the way, love your site! :)

  3. Dreamwave revamped them when they had the TF license, they called theirs “more than meets the eye”. I think IDW also did some recently, but if so I don’t remember the title.
    There are 2 websites that have these up. One uses actual scans of the original comics, the other just uses the pic of the TF but puts the text portion in the HTML. I have both links in my bookmarks somewhere, I’ll have to try to find where.

  4. I had this issue back then, man I loved it too. I remember reading it in school and thinking about the movie.

  5. @Drahken Share those links when you get the time, I’d love to look through them again!
    @Professor Brian Oblivion Nothing will ever quite match the feeling of sitting in the Junior High cafeteria, not only playing D and D but passing around these issues, pointing out facts that we agreed and disagreed with. :)

  6. @Vic Ahhh…what great memories! Thanks for bringing this back to mind!

  7. I wasn’t a big fan of the Marvel toy tie-in comics, but I just love the look of any Marvel comic from this time.

  8. Funny, the toy tie-ins & the star comics are really the only marvel comics that I even bothered with back then. They were infinitely more self-contained. No long backstory to try to catch up on/come in in the middle of, and (most importantly) no money-grubbing endless crossover crap. It was rather sickening the way marvel couldn’t tell a single story without spreading it over 50 issues each, of 20 different titles each, of 30 different characters/groups.

  9. @Vic just the visual of that cover slaps me right across the face with a blast of warm nostalgic power! How Iconic where those transformers comics! Great post and thanks for the memories sir.

  10. I’m still got this one (shown above) in my books shelf

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