Jean “Moebius” Giraud’s Tron Artwork (1981)

As most comic book fans know, the extremely talented French illustrator Jean Henri Gaston Giraud or Moebius as he was better known passed away earlier this month. While he has left behind a legion of fans it is still sad to realize that we will never see a new sketch or painting by this master.

In 1981 he was hired by the Disney Studios to begin design work for their upcoming SciFi/Video Game film, Tron. A huge thanks to Ian MacEwan for sharing these works by Moebius over at his ‘quenched consciousness” blog.

Here is what appears to be a Lobby Card from Tron for movie theaters…or possibly a book cover?

In this sketchbook illustration it looks like Flynn was originally intended to wear a different kind of helmet.

Dumont for the most part looks like he stayed the same…mostly.

Make sure to follow the link up top to Ian’s blog and check out even more amazing artwork from not just Tron but his other works in Heavy Metal to Blueberry!


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