Thriller: A Cruel Picture – The Best Revenge Flick Ever

Known in the States as “They Call Her One Eye” and “Hooker’s Revenge”, Bo Arne Vibenius’ “Thriller: A Cruel Picture” tells the tale of Frigga (or Madeline in the US version), a young farm girl who is forced into a life of drug addiction and prostitution by one of cinema’s most sleazy villains, a man known as “Tony”. During this time she faces the worst hardships, even having her eye taken out by an enraged and scalpel wielding Tony. Frigga rages against these injustices and takes the money she earns prostituting to pay people to train her in the fighting arts. At the time she feels she is ready, Frigga unleashes a bloody swath of violence across Sweden, taking her revenge against those who have wronged her.

There are 2 versions; the R rated version which doesn’t show the one scene of graphic sex and Frigga’s eye being pierced by the scalpel blade, and the X rated version that shows the entire uncut film. Frigga is portrayed by the heart-achingly beautiful Christina Lindberg, who remains silent throughout the entire film as Frigga is mute due to a childhood trauma.

This film is one of my top 5 favorite films and is also a major favorite of my pal Daniel Th1rte3n, who hand-drew the artwork you see here (I only colored and created the layout).

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8 thoughts on “Thriller: A Cruel Picture – The Best Revenge Flick Ever

  1. I love this flick, and it’s astonishing to see how influential it was on the wardrobe of action heroes from Snake Pliskin to Neo in the Matrix…

  2. @Professor Brian Oblivion Thanks, glad you liked it! I was hoping you’d enjoy it as you’re the one that introduced me to the movie in the first place!

  3. @Vic Sage It’s a weird dichotomy…it’s grueling and entertaining at the same time, and definitely not for everyone’s taste, especially those of delicate constitutions. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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