An E-vite, Circa 1981

We had a kick-ass Hallmark shop in our neighborhood. It’s where we bugged our moms to buy us Peanuts stuff (always overpriced — did Charles M. Schulz know how much we kids were on the hook for Snoopy’s raincoat?) and where we went for our party invitations. This is actually a really classy one because it folded down the middle.

Party! We'll eat ice cream cake and watch "Clash of the Titans."

A sleepover, no doubt. So watch out — I’m really gonna be cranky and smell like Taco Doritos the next day.

Care Morency

Care is a writer living in the Chicago suburbs. She has worked as a journalist and in communications for her local library and park district. She is also a cat mom, a guitar player, a jewelry enthusiast, a survivor of the Reagan Administration and Princess Leia's long-lost little sister.

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