Meet The Weepuls

The Magic Wiggly Worm wasn’t enough of a furry friend for you? Then how about these guys:

I think all of us got these guys at one time or another. I remember getting a couple from school, but it’s hard to imagine that I could have gotten them as homework reward. They’re a little too elaborate from that. But for whatever reason, I got them and I treasured them for the same reason I treasured the Magic Wiggly Worm and E.T. and Gizmo and all the other plush toys. I treasured them because I thought they were friends.

Now I always thought these friends were called “Pom Pom Creatures” (or Critters or what have you), and there are some modern ones that go by that name. But when they were first created, they were called Weepuls (or Weeples or Weepies or Wuppets). Your standard Weepul had a round, puffy body, two googly eyes, adhesive feet, and a ribbon with some message on it. Mine said: “Good job!”. Apparently, they also had antenna, though I didn’t remember that feature. There were many variations to this standard, though. There were double Weepuls with two puffy body sections, and giant Weepuls, and, best of all, holiday Weepuls.

Weepuls are still being manufactured today by all sorts of novelty companies. You can get them for cheap if you order 250 or more. And crafty folks are apparently making their own Weepuls in all sorts of variations as well. Considering how simple they are, I could probably make one myself. I don’t, though, because I know that whatever I made today could not compare to the friend I got in school all those years ago.


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