Cartoons! ..That never made it.

I am considering doing a regular series about pilot episodes of shows that never got picked up, and perhaps pilot episodes of shows we are familiar with, but wherein the pilot differed greatly from the resulting show. This concept of course brought to mind the old interstitial shorts on Cartoon Network (back when CN was still good) “Cartoons That Never Made It”, with the obvious difference being that the “Cartoons That Never Made It” “pilots” were never intended to be anything more than a joke. The “Salt & Slug” song and the “Heidi & the Yodellers” one still stick in my head to this very day.


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4 thoughts on “Cartoons! ..That never made it.

  1. Awesome! very nice collection here sir. I don’t remember any of these but my wife did I would TOTALLY watch Heidi and the Yodelers! I was never a big fan of Scooby Doo or Josie and the Pussycats but this show looks so weird I would’ve been hooked if it was real! By the way, I really love the idea of the ongoing pilot thing. It would rock to see both the never existed shows and the shows that ended up different. I immediately think of the Golden Girls pilot where they are middle aged women trying to make there own way during the Alaskan Gold Rush of the 1980’s It was hard work and they had to face a lot of sexism but they always made time for some sassy dialogue, wacky hijinks and cheesecake. Frontier cheesecake!

  2. Drahken says:

    Hmm, haven’t encountered that pilot.
    There’s a couple different all in the family pilots on youtube, a color munsters pilot, a married with children pilot with some different actors, and several different pilots for family guy. In the unsuccessful realm, there’s aplasticman one, a wacky races sequel, a lost in space cartoon, batgirl, rugrats, a spinoff of bravestarr (which I did an article for several months ago over on retrojunk), and some others. A few years ago I also encountered a pilot for gilligan’s island (back when still existed & had classic shows). It was quite interesting, but I can’t find a copy now.

  3. RetroArt says:

    Thanks for bringing the 90’s CN Interstitials “Cartoons That never Made It” some due attention!
    However, you failed to mention the best one of the bunch, “Rupert The Grouper”.
    Here’s a link to it’s YouTube page:
    Also, better quality versions of all four of the “Cartoons That Never Made It” can be found on the YouTube channel page of the originators of these interstitials,
    I was the “P” of AMPnyc Animation back then.
    Thanks again for shining a light on our tongue-in-cheek efforts from back then!

  4. Drahken says:

    I saw the higher quality AMPnyc ones when I was looking for clips for this article, but I didn’t know they were official. I thought it was just some random youtuber who had plastered their own logo on the vids. I wanted to promote the cartoons themselves, not some random uploader, so I avoided the vids with logos embedded. This is also why I omitted the rupert one, because there are no english versions of the clip that don’t have logos. (The fact that it was my least favorite of the 4 also affected my decision, although I still would have included it for completeness if there had been a logo-free clip.)

    Thanks for your feedback, it’s nice to get responses from original creators of the material (as long as said responses aren’t DMCA complaints. ;)

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