Windows 3.0 Discussed on The Computer Chronicles

In 1990, the hot topic on The Computer Chronicles was Windows 3.0. It was a major step forward for the OS and it is interesting to see what features that we take for granted nowadays, that people were so excited about back then. My favorite part of the video is when Margaret Johnson goes to demonstrate the SDK and realizes this is not her computer.


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3 thoughts on “Windows 3.0 Discussed on The Computer Chronicles

  1. Retroist, was this your way of getting me to comment more..? ;) Cause it’s working. Always feel bad to see Gary talking about a Microsoft product.. Must have ate him up everytime, luckily, it’s Windows in this video and not DOS.

    And you’re right, most take it for granted, but not me, I love seeing the evolution. Looking at an Atari 800 to my left and thinking, “Wow, we come a long way.”

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Had so much fun switching color schemes in early Windows to fit my moods.

    I like how Margaret’s background is her favorite football team.
    Cuz if it’s not her computer, it means she set it up that way before the show.

  3. Drahken says:

    Heh, i used to change the colors around on the computer in diesel shop. I have no idea what OS it was running (probably some ver of windows, since it was an IBM). I didn’t change the olors in the OS itself, but the repair manual program we used had lots of changeable colors. The teacher would often comment that he never knew what to expect when he turned on the computer each day, just that it would blind him.

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