Is your life filled with crazy coincidences? Sometimes I feel like my life is one big crazy sitcom episode!

Case in point — last week I read Doug’s awesome post about Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Back in the day I owned a dozen or so of those books; some were official Choose Your Own Adventure books, and some were knock off brands that I couldn’t remember. In the back of my mind I decided to start collecting these again, partly for my kids and partly for myself.

Over the weekend my kids and I stopped by a used bookstore. It’s a treat for them because both of my kids enjoy reading and I always end up buying them two or three books each (used books are cheap). While at the bookstore I asked the lady working behind the counter if they had any Choose Your Own Adventure books, and she said no. “That’s okay,” said my son. “I was wanting to get some Goosebumps books anyway.”

So we head to the kids section in search of R.L. Stine (the author of the Goosebumps series) and instead we found these:

Twistaplot books! Twistaplot books were published through Scholastic Books, so it was common (back when I was a kid, anyway) to see these show up in your monthly “school book order club” papers. According to, there were 18 Twistaplot books in all. This bookstore had 1/3 of them. $3/each.

I had no idea R.L. Stine wrote any of the Twistaplot books. Interestingly enough, several of the other books in the series were co-written by Megan Stine and William Stine, who from what I can tell (and someone correctly me if I’m wrong, please!) are not related to R.L. Stine. Apparently I am not the only person who experiences weird coincidences.

I owned The Time Raider and Crash Landing! as a kid, and have never read the other four I picked up, so I’m looking forward to flipping through these with my kids while reliving some old (and experiencing some new) twisty adventures!

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