Highlander: The Animated Series

Highlander: The Animated Series was a 1994 animated television series that was a very loose spinoff of the cult classic 1986 film, Highlander. While not a smashing success it did run for 2 seasons and a total of 40 episodes. The show was never as well received as it should have been in my opinion, but slowly and surely, the fans of the series are starting to speak out about their love for it. It helps that in 2007 they released Highlander: The Complete Animated Series on DVD.

If you were lucky enough to have owned an Atari Jaguar, you might even remember that they turned the series into a video game for that console.


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3 thoughts on “Highlander: The Animated Series

  1. Drahken says:

    I remember the animated series airing on USA network’s cartoon express. That was always about the time I would change the channel. It wasn’t that I hated the series, it just fell completely flat. The same with their problem child cartoon & I think there was some spider cartoon. All of them aired in the last hour/1.5 hrs of cartoon express’s sunday edition near the end of it’s run.

    I do have an atari jaguar & think the system itself is great, but the games for it are so few & most of them are low end stuff that would look & play the same on an NES. I only have about 4 games for it, and I’ve never even heard of this highlander one.

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