Milton Bradley Playskool Computer

My friend Sean over at the Commodore Computer Club is a kindred spirit indeed; not only is he (obviously) a fan of Commodore computers, but he’s also a collector of vintage computer or retro gaming-related toys. Recently Sean picked up this awesome retro gem:

I’ll let Sean describe the unit:

“This is a 1972 Milton Bradley Playskool Computer. The computer mimics the big mainframes of the day since this was years before microcomputers became generally available.

The box is in nice shape and it came with all six “programming” cards which can be inserted and dials turned to match up symbols on the cards. Basically the cards and dials are used to ask the computer questions and will give you the answers. Pretty cool!”

Pretty cool indeed, Sean! Thanks for sharing your latest acquisition with us. And don’t forget, if you are in the Portland or Vancouver area and interested in Commodore computers, check out the Commodore Computer Club’s meeting page, stop by one of the meetings and tell Sean I said “hey!”

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