Early 90s Action Movies

I think there is a cycle to cinema. There seems to be years when classic movie after classic movie is filling the theaters, and other years when you can’t find a good film to save your life. An example of the former would be 1984. Goonies, Gremlins, Karate Kid, Temple of Doom, Beverly Hills Cop, Police Academy, Night of the Comet, Electric Dreams, Terminator, Romancing the Stone, and tons of others. The Retroist even mentioned this in the Revenge of the Nerds podcast.

An example of the latter would be the early 90s. Man, were there a ton of really bad films in those years. Not only did these films seem to have lost the heart of the mid-80s movies, but they all had bizarre plots and a really weird look, almost like they were shot on video. Here’s a couple notable examples:

I probably wouldn’t remember these movies at all except for the fact that I had seen them in the theater. Sad, I know, but I had just gotten a car and a job at this time and was seeing just about everything that was out. Even sadder is that I still have a fondness for these movies for the simple fact that I saw them in movies. I have a fondness for this time, too, even though it just seems odd and dead in comparison with the mid-80s. You can’t have the good without the bad, and I guess that in turn makes the bad kind of good, these movies included.


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