Mego Mr. Mxyzptlk Action Figure

I had a friend who inherited his older brother’s Mego action figures. When he received them, almost all of them were in mint condition. His brother must have never played with them. After a week with their new owner they really started to show their age. Poor Mr. Mxyzptlk suffered worst of all. He was battered and bruised by both Super Hero and Villain alike. Eventually he lost limbs and became unusable as a main toy and acted more a background prop. Usually as someone that a stronger villain has already defeated and tore limb from limb.

I saw this Mr. Mxyzptlk being sold by Hake’s still on his card. Seeing his limb hanging off his body brought me right back to the poor Mr. Mxyzptlk I got to play with as a kid.

It is funny that they put leggings on him, when he is bare-legged in the card image. Wonder if they ever planned to release him that way?


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One thought on “Mego Mr. Mxyzptlk Action Figure

  1. I remember the ads in DC/Marvel comics for the ”Mr Mxyzyzydpliskdksfdkjh man” and always thinking he looked both awesome and ridiculous.

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