Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles (2012)

I’ve talked a bit before about how impressed I am with Zen Studios Pinball FX2 for Xbox Live Arcade, especially there Pinball tables based on some of the characters from Marvel Comics. We’ve even had a few competitions involving Pinball FX 2 last year.

Yesterday it was announced that we are getting a new set of 4 tables later this year and this time instead of basing the tables around a single character they have opted to base them on three events from the comic company, plus one table for the upcoming Avengers film. The tables are based on the hugely popular World War Hulk, Fear Itself, and the one I’m most looking forward to…1991’s cosmic shattering throwdown…the Infinity Gauntlet!

[Via] Marvel’s YouTube Channel

It has been reported that this is Zen Studios most ambitious pinball table designs to date, it has been claimed that the Infinity Gauntlet table alone has over 129 recorded pieces of dialogue. No firm release date beyond this year has been shared yet but we’ll keep you updated.


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