G.I. Joe Mobile Field Unit

G.I. Joe Mobile Field Unit

The kid in the house behind ours always wore Army fatigues. Was he just a poser? Absolutely not. He couldn’t be, because he had this to go along with those fatigues:

I’m not exactly sure what this was supposed to be called. The box calls it the “Walkie Talkie Field System”, but the label on it says “Mobile Field Unit”.

But I knew what it was. It was a walkie talkie. Two walkie talkies in one, actually. And I was always infatuated with walkie talkies. So I was bound to like this from the beginning. What made it even better, though, was that it was a military walkie talkie. It was Army green and had the look of the old Army radios I had seen on M*A*S*H*. It also had a handle in the top and official-looking dials on the side. Best of all, it had one CB sized walkie talkie that was wired to the unit and another, larger walkie talkie that could disconnect from the unit. This allowed one guy stay with the wired walkie talkie and the unit as the General and another to venture off with unwired walkie talkie and play the Scout.

Somehow, the Mobile Field Unit made its way into my possession, but it didn’t last long there. The Unit fell into the trap that a lot of electronic devices fell into: power loss. I didn’t have any more batteries for it, and I tried to extend the battery life by beating on the Unit until it worked. This, of course, made it stop working for good. I eventually disassembled it to see how it worked and discovered that it was surprisingly empty.

Today, I have no need for walkie talkies. Cell phones sadly fill that void. But for a few brief moments, I had this one. And I’m sure that if I had had someone to talk to over it, it would have been awesome.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. Doug, we need to get our hands on one of these and see if we can’t talk to each other! Of course I doubt the signal strength would be powerful enough to reach California. Ah, what am I talking about? This was made for the Joe team, it probably reaches the Defiant Space Shuttle as it orbits the Moon! ;)

  2. No doubt!

  3. My friend next door had this! It was pretty rad.

  4. I had one of these back then.

    If I remember correctly, the “dial” on the hand-set was just a button that one pushed to talk. There was always alot of static even at close range.

    Nothing really “G.I.Joe” about it except the logo, which i suppose was enough for us as kids back then.

  5. Dar, I think that’s right about the button. I also think one of the dials turned but wasn’t connected to anything.

  6. “I also think one of the dials turned but wasn’t connected to anything.”

    A recurring design element to MANY toys I owned!

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