Punch-Counterpunch Transformers Commercial (1987)

Punch-Counterpunch Transformers Commercial (1987)

Punch-Counterpunch is my favorite Transformers toy…that I never owned. I remember sitting on the living room floor with a glass of Kool-Aid when this commercial came on the TV.


Now the idea of a double agent Transformer just completely blew my mind. I probably continued through the next week just babbling about this new character to anyone who would listen to me. Is he really an Autobot or does he actually serve the Decepticon interests and is just conning the Autobots?

Finally the toy hit the shelves in my neck of the woods and I would hold the box in my hands while my Father was shopping, just reading Punch-Counterpunch’s tech spec over and over, imagining how I would use him in my epic battles at home.

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Sadly that epic battle had to exist solely in my mind as I never obtained this particular Transformer toy. I did find one recently at my local comic shop but it was way out of my price range, it was still in the box in fact. Oddly enough back in the day thanks to a friend from school I did get both sets of the Clones featured in that awesome commercial up top.


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  1. I still have my p/cp, and both sets of clones (although some of the kibble got lost, so a couple of the clones don’t really take on their alt mode anymore). One of the best things about p/cp is that he’s less of a brick than the majority of G1 transformers. His legs are still pretty brickish, but his arms & shoulders are quite posable.

    P/cp isn’t the only such double agent though, there’s also Doubledealer. DD is the polar opposite of p/cp, a primarily villainous character who merely poses as heroic. DD isn’t a true decepticon either though, he’s a mercenary, but a decidedly seedy one. Unfortunately, I never had him (nor any other powermaster for that matter. I never had any headmasters either, although I did have 1 targetmaster).

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Doubledealer, Drahken! This is one of the Transformers that somehow completely slipped past my radar.

  3. I know him almost entirely from the comics. I got scans of all the old marvel & UK comics many years ago & read through the entire series. By that point I had already had p/cp for a long time & thought he was the only such double agent, so when I saw doubledealer in the comics it really stood out to me. TBH, I wasn’t even certain whether or not he had a toy until I looked it up for my previous reply.

  4. I JUST bought one off eBay. I had it when i was a kid and it got lost with multiple moves. So glad to have it back. My son loves it too!

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