Angry Beavers Seasons 3 – Part 1 on DVD

I came a little late to the whole Angry Beavers scene. While the show started on Nickelodeon on April 19, 1997. I did not start watching it until 2006, which was the last year of the show. This had its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that I had a wealth of episodes to tap into, the disadvantage being that I could not seem to catch them all in time or in any volume. That is why I was very happy to start picking the series up on DVD through Shout! Factory.

The 1999 season of the show is the newest release and with it you get the first half of the 3rd season. It includes:

03×01: “My Bunny-Guard / What’s Eating You?”
03×02: “Omega Beaver / Bite This!”
03×03: “Spooky Spoots / Up All Night 2: Up All Day. The Reckoning”
03×04: “Muscular Beaver 3 / Sang ’em High”
03×05: “In Search of Big Byoo-Tox / Moronathon Man”
03×06: “The Legend of Kid Friendly / Silent But Deadly”
03×07: “Pass It On! / Stump’s Family Reunion”
03×08: “Tough Love / A Little Dad’ll Do You”
03×09: “Too Loose Latrine / Pack Your Dags”
03×10: “Daggy Dearest / Dag’s List”
03×11: “Muscular Beaver 4 / Act Your Age”

A great purchase for any Angry Beavers fan, you get 4 hours of classic Nickelodeon cartoon fun. So order a copy today.


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