Bop’n Rumble by Mindscape

Mindscape’s Bop’n Rumble, released in 1987, was your typical side-scrolling beat ’em up game. One thing that set it apart from the crowd was the legion of adversaries you faced, which included gorillas, punk rockers, old ladies, pitbulls, and old blind men (and their canes).

Bop’n Rumble was also released under the names Bad Street Brawler and Street Hassle, and appeared on several platforms including the Commodore 64, DOS, NES, and ZX Spectrum machines. An unofficial port also appeared on the Amiga. The NES version was censored, and many of the graphics were changed. According to Mobygames, “the blind man was changed to a thug, grandma is now a small Italian man, the basketball player is white, and the skull on the bomb was removed.”

Check out this video of the Commodore 64 version in action.

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