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Very sorry to have missed you fine folks last week but Cartoon research can be an unbelievably daunting thing and I found myself with the need to go to The Elmo SputterSpark spa and recharge my battery! For those of you who got that I salute you.
This week I decided to review something for the ladies a little show I like to call The Popples. Actually this post was semi inspired by a conversation I had on The Twitter with friends @LamarRevenger and @Count_Marzo two manly, manly men like myself, who were and are big Popples fans. What I’m trying to say is I really don’t know whether Popples was technically supposed to be a “girls toy” I know I had a couple as a kid and I thought they were awesome.

Another thing I didn’t know was that the Popples had a cartoon, that is, until now. I don’t know whether the cartoon or the toys came first and I really don’t know whether the strange and wonderful style of the Popples will translate to animation. What I do know is that I’m about to get my first ever experience with animated balls of 80’s nostalgia awesomeness. This should be fun!

The Popples: Treasure at Popple Beach

Wow-wie! I just watched the opening credits and that stuff I said about the “weird and wonderful style of the Popples” I’ve got a feeling were going to get that and then some! The opening montage starts with kids jumping out of their toy-box and then there are Popples. Popples everywhere! They’re running around doing Popply things (which apparently also involves pulling anything they want out of Popple Space) and being cute alien mythological beast creatures. The whole time they are running around the worlds most bouncy (get it?) theme song is playing. The lyrics go a little something like this. Popples…Popples! Popples! PopplesPopples! The only other thing I was able to glean from the opener is that apparently one of the Popples is not too bright. He was falling and looking for something to save himself and he kept pulling out anvils and other iron type objects. I feel a little bit like I’ve just taken drugs, I really hope the rest of the show is this weird!

Part 1:

So we start off at the beach the two kids escaping there toy-box in the opening credits are apparently the stars of the show. The girl asks the boy if he’s sure he has the Popples. Sure he is! Right there in his backpack! Im not sure yet what the Popples are. Are they pets? Is this earth? Are they toys come to life? Aliens? Did their salesman dad by them from an ancient Chinese man at his antique store? At any rate the foolish boy was wrong because we pan to see two of the round little critters on a sandcastle on the beach. One is laying on top sleeping. I will call him Lazy Popple and the other one is talking to herself while she hangs curtains and frantically cleans while calling herself “one” as in one can’t choose one’s neighbors…her I shall call crazy OCD Popple!

We wont have to worry about these two characters for long however because a giant wave is coming in to destroy their sandy home. They survive the terrible ordeal and OCD Popple rises up out of the sand pile and starts joking about their near death experience with hand puppets. Then she starts pointing out all the garbage! (she really is crazy!) including…gasp! A treasure map!

Part #2

There are suddenly tons of other popples (I’m assuming that when the first two Popples got wet by the wave, they started to multiply…don’t feed them after midnight Timmy!) and they are all looking at the treasure map and fighting over it. We then get treated to a classic, knock down drag out, no holds barred Popple chase! They run after the Popple with the map but he’s too fast then he turns into a ball and bounce, flinging himself at a volleyball net bouncing back and then flying back at his pursuing allies and knocking them over, bowling ball style! Then they all form a group and rise up in front of the screen looking totally nuts and then their eyes turn into dollar signs. Sounds like me on payday! Wakka wakka!

The weird music started back up and things seem to be going back to that trippie feel from the opening credits. Sure enough! We get treated to a wild montage of the Popples exploring their new found wealth. It starts with them rolling around in vast amounts of treasure then they go to a big time Hollywood premier in a chauffer driven car and get out, all wearing top hats. Then they are swimming on the roof-pool of their amazing high rise apartment, sun bathing diving, opening bottles of Dom Peringnon you know…typical Popple stuff.

Side note: the premier is actually a performance that they are giving in front of a wildly cheering audience. The show seems to consist of them bouncing around on stage on and around a table, heaped high with tons of gold coins (loose, and bagged) They all snap our of their fantasy and begin to hunt for the treasure, which involves screaming Hey look over there! And running around aimlessly in all directions. The little green Popple who speaks in all P alliteration says something about a prognosticating probe (??) takes his magnifying glass, goes to the edge of the water, plucks out an electric eel, makes it bite the end of the magnifying glass handle which electrocutes the popple turns the eel stiff as a board and turn the whole contraption, somehow, into a metal detector…I really like this cartoon!

The other Popples all try their treasure hunting techniques as well. One of them tunnels, one of them turns his tail into a propeller and goes scuba diving. The electric Popple keeps being electric…and the ocd Popple fills in all the holes they dig (because she’s crazy)

Part 3:
None of them find the treasure but they swimming Popple give up and then for some reason, decides it can’t swim back to shore leaving his friends to device a plan of rescue. One Popple (I’ve given up trying to name them) pulls a cube from Popple Space and turns it into a kite. They rescue the Popple with the kite and a few bad puns about needing a tale (…Once upon a time…) and then they get back to the hard work of nonsense treasure hunting! The orange Popple goes manic and starts running around knocking things over, riding a surfboard through the air diving through a lifesaver and then hitting sand and flying (once again) back towards his comrades.

They run around some more causing mayhem and creating some show stopping scenes of scintillating slapstick and then two of them fall over a hill and land in a picnic basket. No one seems to be claiming it so they decide it’s the treasure! They all gather round and start eating the food and having a sweet beach picnic

They decide its about time to go home so they create a bunch of flying devices out of garbage and take off. Each one leaves in a different contraption (I don’t know why) and they all arrive safely. The orange popple leans against a tiny volleyball net to catapult himself. Winks at the audience and says “I know this might be stretching things a bit” which seems to be the theme to this entire episode.
They all arrive safely at home after their adventure each making a spectacularly clumsy entrance and getting some wisecrack joke from the child who finds them. After the last one the show decends (as it has several times throughout the episode) into crazed laughter and that, my friends, is the end!


That was one weird show…which I like. It was colorful, funny, and more importantly, nonsensical! The only problem I have with it was the fact that at the end of the treasure hunt they just decide to eat a pi9cnic. I couldn’t help thinking that somewhere, just off screen The Littles were digging their treasure up and going on to dance around a money table wearing top hats and getting wild applause. Also, at the very end of the show the boy NEVER acknowledges that he left the Popples at the beach! He said he had them in his backpack! All they say is finally you Popples decided to come back, use the door next time! What??? The kid abandoned them. He’s guilty! I swear if Popples can’t get just in a cartoon. Where can they get justice?


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