Pica Pic: Retro Handheld Gaming

I happen to be browsing through my Favorites folder in my internet browser, and I came across this site:


The site is created by a company called Hipopotam Studios. It features 26 games recreated in Flash and controlled by your keyboard. Some of the games listed are Donkey Kong, Parachute, Zelda, and The Terminator.

I remember when I was a kid, I had a Handheld Football and Handheld Baseball game, and then when I was in junior high I had an Altered Beast Game Watch by Tiger Electronics. Something about playing such a simple style game makes me wish we still had those games around now. Until I can find playable Tiger Electronic games or videogame watches again, I have this site. Definitely worth checking out!

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10 thoughts on “Pica Pic: Retro Handheld Gaming

  1. Drahken says:

    I fondly remember those old LCD games. Most (all?) of mine came from radio shack. I remember I had a tom & jerry one. I also had a more advanced one, and LCD clone of scramble. It was actually closer to a gameboy game than to a conventional LCD game, sorta like all those “100 in 1” games that were a fad in the late 90s. Unfortunately I had a temper tantrum one day & broke it, I really wish I could find a simulator for/of it.

    While not technically LCD nor a handheld, I also had one of those tabletop donkey kong VFD games. Aside from being in color & backlit, those were very much like the LCD games.

    That pica-pic site has been in my bookmarks for a while, as well as a few other sites with LCD simulators to download. Sometimes I wish I had a big box full of those old games that I could just break out & play all day.

  2. Nice find Sir! One of my first real brushes with video gaming was an LCD game that was at my grandfather’s house and that game…was Donkey Kong. I can still remember sitting cross-legged in a dark corner of the hallway and becoming obsessed with getting that crazy hammer wielding man to the top of the room to show that barrel flinging gorilla a thing or two!

  3. Dar says:

    I had many of those growing up. They were wonderful, especially “Oil Panic” with its funny sprites.

    There ares sites where you can download the games.

    One is called “MADrigal’s Handheld Simulators”, and the other “Hendheld Remakes Archive”.

  4. Drahken says:

    Hmm… handheld remakes is new to me.
    MADrigal’s was one I was thinking of before, but was brainfarting on.
    Two others in my bookmarks are ledhead & “handheld quake” (supposedly emulates russian LCD games, but those are just remakes of standard ones, so…).

  5. @Drahken @Dar – I’m gonna have to check those sites out!

    @ClaymationHowl – I never had anything like that. The first video game thing for me was those Handheld Baseball and Football. My brother and I would spend hours playing on those!

  6. Drahken says:

    There are “game & watch gallery” games for gameboy/color and GBA, and “game & watch collection” games for DS. Of course, the GBA one can also be played on DS, and the gameboy/color ones can be played on GBA.


    These only cover the nintendo brand “game & watch” games though, not any of the other brand LCD games. It’s a shame that there aren’t any official portable system versions of the other brand games.

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