Dr. Doom Cosplay By Mark Meer!

Being a fan of Cosplay, there are a few things you can do to make sure that I share your photo on this site:

1) Construct a Dr. Doom outfit.
2) Construct a really nice Dr. Doom outfit.
3) Set up a scene where Doctor Doom is gloating over the skulls of his fallen foes.

[Via] Marvel.Com

See if you can name all of the fallen heroes and villains that have been slain in this photo…for bonus points can you name the item by the remains of Mister Fantastic?

Make sure to follow the link above to see even more of Mark Meer’s amazing cosplay!


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4 thoughts on “Dr. Doom Cosplay By Mark Meer!

  1. Doug says:

    But I see he hasn’t taken out the Great Lakes Avengers, so there is still hope!

  2. Gmontague says:

    The Ultimate Nullifier!!!
    Some of the other items are:

    Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer)
    Captain America’s shield
    The Mandarin’s hands…with rings of power
    Doc Octopus mechanical arms
    The Infinity Gauntlet
    and it looks like Absorbing Man’s Ball on the right-side

  3. Great job, Gmontague! I’ll admit I had completely missed the Mandarin’s hands! I’ll add if you look very closely in front of Wolverine’s skull you’ll see the skeletal remains of Ant Man.

    Well…you can kill Mr. Immortal…it’s just keeping him that way that is nigh on impossible. ;)

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