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Concrete Power Rangers

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers are hard. How hard, you ask? They’re so hard, they’re made of concrete! Well, these are, anyway. I spotted these Power Rangers standing at attention at a local junk store. At $12.50/each, it would cost you $50 total to have these Rangers guard your garden. […]

The Jetsons vs. The Zombie Apocalypse

I guess since people’s visions of the future have changed, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to change everyone’s favorite family from the future, The Jetsons. Artist, Steven Ray Brown, puts George and his family in the roles of various Zombie slayers from Pop Culture. Included […]

Karate Kid Action Figures…From Remco!

Did you know there were Karate Kid and Karate Kid 2 action figures? Neither did I. I stumbled across them by searching “80s” in eBay’s toy and hobby category. The Karate Kid figures had twisting, kicking action, breaking accessories, and rather big heads. They also had far more playsets than […]