A Man For All Seasons Theatrical Poster (1966)

A big thanks to Retroist Regular, Atari Adventure Square, for being so kind as to send me this link to Paste Magazine.Com’s 100 Best Movie Posters.

Of the many fantastic posters showcased on that site, and you’ll be seeing some of them here in the future, I decided to pick this one as tonight is the 84th Annual Academy Awards and A Man For All Seasons took home the Oscar for best picture (The 39th recipient to do so) and Best Actor for the legendarily talented Paul Scofield among others.

[Via] Yarco TV’s YouTube Channel

Besides Paul Scofield it boasts Orson Welles, Leo McKern, Nigel Davenport, Susannah York, Wendy Hiller, Robert Shaw, and a young John Hurt in it’s cast. If you’ve not had the pleasure of viewing this classic film I would recommend you pick it up and give it a watch.

Many thanks as always to the ever impressive IMP Awards for the original theatrical poster you see up top.


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