I wanted to watch Medicine Man. I don’t know why. I just did. As I started it, I noticed that it was a John McTeirnan film. That led me to looking up John McTeirnan (whom I knew did Predator), and that in turn led me to Nomads.

Nomads looked familiar. I thought I had seen it on USA Saturday Nightmares, or at least seen a Saturday Nightmares promo for it. I’m not sure now if that’s the case; it isn’t listed on the Wikipedia Saturday Nightmares site. But it certainly seemed liked it belonged to that era. Interested, I looked it up on Netflix, was happy to find it on Instant Watch, and put it in my queue.

Nomads has a low Rotten Tomatoes rating, but I can’t see why. I thought it was excellent. It is a thriller more than a slasher, but it gets thrilling pretty fast and stays that way all the way through. It is a lot like Serpent and the Rainbow. Weird things just happen. My favorite is when Brosnan throws a man off a building and the man laughs as he falls.

I won’t tell you much about the plot. It is cool enough that I think you need to discover it on your own. But I will say it was a good idea presented in a great way. You could do worse on a Friday night.


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